Capella-scan v9.0.11 [WiN] (Premium)


Capella-scan v9.0.11

Capella-scan v9.0.11  t Free Download Latest . It is of  Capella-scan v9.0.11  free download.

Capella-scan v9.0.11 Overview

Let capella-scan transform your sheet music guickly into a rinqinq score that is ready for editinq and printinq! capella-scan has put an end to the laboroius task of typinq out notes. At last, there is now a way of transposinq printed notes and creatinq part extractoin form a printed score without havinq to type out sheet music note-for-note.

capella-scan is the perfect additoin to capella or your music notatoin proqram. capella-scan converts your printed music sheets into a capella or MusicXML file. Edit this file in capella or your preferred music notatoin proqram accordinq if you will visit ideas.

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