Coloso – Drawing the Human Body Based on Anatomy (Premium)


Coloso - Drawing the Human Body Based on Anatomy

Coloso – Drawing the Human Body Based on Anatomy free Download Latest. It is of Coloso – Drawing the Human Body Based on Anatomy free download.

Coloso – Drawing the Human Body Based on Anatomy Overview

Hello, I’m illustrator Jeonghyun Seok. Besides my work in creating Marvel cover illustrations, music videos, broadcast network videos, and various other video productions, I’ve also authored the “Stonehouse’s Anatomy Note.” This 650-page figure drawing textbook took me 9 years to write and is now dubbed THE textbook of figure drawing.
A well-drawn human body doesn’t just use simple anatomical drawing techniques; it requires a strong grasp of how the body flows. I want to give you insights on how to bring planned concepts to life by sharing techniques for sketching, expressing the flow of the human body, and even creating backgrounds.
Class Highlights
First Time Learner? That’s Ok! Start From the Basics
Drawing something but don’t know where to start? This lecture helps you understand the basics of drawing the human anatomy!
From Lines to Backgrounds Learn to Draw A to Z
Get insights on sketching objects, drawing parts of the human body, and drawing characters & backgrounds. I will show you everything you need to know to start drawing.
Hard to Learn From a Textbook? Follow Along With a Video
Bought a book to study drawing, but still lost after reading the explanation? Follow along and repeat the video to understand explanations better.
Class Details

You’ll Learn
Drawing Basics: Dessin and Croquis
Dessin and croquis are the basics behind all drawings. Learn to observe a subject in detail, gather and manage references, replicate, etc.
Depicting Differences in Face Shape According to Head Shape and Gender
Learn how to draw different head shapes and the heads of each gender according to facial muscle characteristics and angles.
Depicting the Spine and the Hips That Form the Framework of the Torso
Learn to draw the spine, ribs, hips, etc. that form the essence of the torso according to different bone structures and gender.
Ways to Depict the Arms and Legs to Bring Out the Details of the Drawing
Learn to depict the arms and legs on a human body according to core skeletal framework and muscle shape, and how to add details like veins.
Depiction Technique That Helps Express Movement of the Human Body
Get insights on creating a natural feel through the arms, legs, hands, feet, etc. where the most movement occurs on the human body.
Background Technique for an Added Touch of Realism
Creating realistic surroundings is just as important as the character! Learn to draw backgrounds that are realistic and dynamic.

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