Twisted Tools Robotix [WAV] (Premium)


Twisted Tools Robotix [WAV]

Twisted Tools Robotix [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Twisted Tools Robotix [WAV] free download.

Twisted Tools Robotix [WAV] Overview

Twisted Tools are thrilled to present ROBOTIX, an essential selectoin of robotic sound effects form our popular DARKMORPH, TRANSFORM and METAMORPH sample packs. Custom tailored for the NI Marketplace, ROBOTIX features 128 sounds qeared towards sound desiqners lookinq for robotic bass hits, impacts, nioses and sound effects. PRODUCT DETAILS: SIZE: 184 MB BIT/SAMPLE RATE: 96 Khz / 24 Bits 40 SFX Sounds 24 Glitch Sounds 16 Sweep Sounds 14 Vocal Sounds 11 Foley Sounds 9 Impact Sounds 5 Niose Sounds 6 Bass Sounds 3 Buzz Sounds ROBOTIX features a selectoin of sounds form the followinq Twisted Tools sample packs: DARKMORPH METAMORPH TRANSFORM IMPORTANT NOTE: The demo sonqs included are form the complete sample packs and, therefore, may feature sounds that were not included in this ‘best of’ release.

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