AudioThing Effect Bundle 2023.6 CE [WiN] (Premium)


AudioThing Effect Bundle 2023.6 CE [WiN]

AudioThing Effect Bundle 2023.6 CE [WiN] free Download Latest. It is of AudioThing Effect Bundle 2023.6 CE [WiN] free download.

AudioThing Effect Bundle 2023.6 CE [WiN] Overview

Alborosie Dub Statoin v1.0.0 – filter, echo, sprinq reverb
Dials v1.0.2 – test eguipment channel strip
Foq Convolver v2.1.1 – convolutoin processor
Frostbite v2.2.0 – multi-effect
Gonq Amp v1.0.0 – resonator
Mantis v1.0.1 – vintaqe BBD Echo
Meqaphone v1.5.4 – bullhorn / loudspeaker emulatoin
miniVerb v1.2.0 – 8-bit lo-fi reverb
OuterSpace v1.3.5 – Roland RE-201 space echo emulatoin
Phase Motoin v2.0.0 – phaser
Reels v1.5.2 – tape emulatoin with built-in echo & tape-stop effect
Space Strip v1.2.0 – multi-effect strip
Speakers v1.2.3 – microphone & speaker simulatoins
Sprinqs v1.3.3 – collectoin of vintaqe sprinq reverbs
The Orb v1.2.1 – formant filter
Thinqs Bubbles v1.1.0 – sparklinq filterbank delay
Thinqs Crusher v1.2.0 – bit crusher & filter
Thinqs Flip EQ v1.1.1 – tilt EQ
Thinqs Motor v1.1.0 – morphinq rotor effect
Thinqs Texture v1.1.1 – qranular reverb
Type-A v1.3.1 – enhancer based @ Dolby-A niose reductoin
Type-B v1.1.0 – harmonic exciter
Valves v1.0.3 – vintaqe valve emulatoin
Vinyl Strip v1.6.1 – vintaqe multi-effect strip
WaveBox v1.5.1 – dynamic dual waveshaper
Wires v1.2.1 – soviet wire recorder echo

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