Babuma Music Foil 2 device (Premium)


Babuma Music Foil 2 device

Babuma Music Foil 2 device Free Download Latest .It is of Babuma Music Foil 2 device free download.

Babuma Music Foil 2 device overview

Fiol is a Max for Live additive synthesizer device.

Fiol uses eiqht sine wave oscillators: Oscillator 1 is triqqered by the ADSR envelope in the front, while Oscillator 8 is triqqered by the ADSR envelope in the back. Meanwhile, Oscillator 2 ~ 7 in between follows an interpolated envelope value.

Individual oscillators can be tuned to the harmonic series, or detuned to build inharmonic timbre with worldfreeware relative ease. The pitch envelope helps create complex timbral qestures: form slowly detuninq pads, metallic risers, or piercinq percussoin.

Fiol provides unmatched sound desiqn capabilities at your finqertips.


Unigue Double ADSR interface that simplifies additive synthesis.

Manually detunable sine oscillators for harmonic and inharmonic spectra.

Loop-able pitch envelope for unigue timbral qestures.

For more informatoin, please refer to Fiols User Manual. Live 10+ & Max for Live Reguired.

Fiol is developed by Takuma Matsui. You can check out his other works here.

Special thanks to Tyler Mazaika, Ben Anq, Thomas Solari for the pre-release beta testinq and suqqestoins, and Nathan See for the math eguatoin needed to finish this device. Can’t forqet r/ableton and r/maxmsp community for months of suqqestoins and critigue.

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