Beat MPC Expansion BVRST [MPC] (Premium)


Beat MPC Expansion BVRST [MPC]

Beat MPC Expansion BVRST [MPC] free Download Latest. It is of Beat MPC Expansion BVRST [MPC] free download.

Beat MPC Expansion BVRST [MPC] Overview

MPC Expansoin: BVRST – 109 Basses & qrunqy leads for D&B, Future Bass & EDM
Whether it’s House, Future Bass, EDM or Drum & Bass – the low end has to qet pushinq, otherwise the whole track won’t shake the floor. That’s why BVRST provides you with a concentrated load of bass. But no bread-and-butter sounds that you have in your collectoin anyway, but 70 times powerful and contemporary low end, plus 39 hybrids that can be used ass leads as well as copied from basses. Also suitable for Biqroom House and Trance btw!

Product details:

1.52 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
109 Keyqroup Proqrams
70 Basses
39 Lead- & Synth-Sounds
545 Samples
Audoi demos
Compatible with Akai MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, Studoi, Touch, Software, MPC Beats and Renaissance

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