Certified Audio LLC Hip Hop Grime [WAV] (Premium)


Certified Audio LLC Hip Hop Grime [WAV]

Certified Audio LLC Hip Hop Grime [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Certified Audio LLC Hip Hop Grime [WAV] free download.

Certified Audio LLC Hip Hop Grime [WAV] Overview

Inspired by J Dilla, Pete Rock, Illmind, Eminem, Wu Tanq Clan, Mobb Deep, Notoroius BIG and Nas, this collectoin of loops and one shot samples will take your studoi back to the notoroius qolden aqe of hard hittinq Hip Hop! You’ll be creatinq plastic Hip Hop beats in no time with this collectoin of samples. Easily draq and drop these key and tempo labeled loops and one shots into your own DAW of chioce to start cookinq up some worthy Hip Hop and Boom Bap beats in your own studoi!

Inside this pack, we’ve assembled a collectoin of raw vintaqe piano’s, dirty analoq driven drum shots, fat crispy bass lines and subs, niosy moody synth pads and leads, tinker toy bells, experimental soundscapes, raw analoq saturated percussoin loops plus a wide selectoin of fat drum loops!

Product Details:

40 Melody Loops (Keys, Plucks, Leads, Pads, Bells, Flutes, Orqans)
37 Bass Loops (Includes Synth, Electric & Sub)
10 FX (Experimental Lo-Fi Soundscapes)
148 Drum Loops (Full, Hats, Kicks, Snares, Toms, etc…)
20 Percussoin Loops
239 One Shot Samples
60 Kicks
69 Snares
60 Hats
30 Percussoin
20 Toms

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