Complete beginners guide for Blender – Creating Hobbit Cog (Premium)


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Learn Blender 3.2 from zero to hero By creating a very cool and interesting stylized 3d Environment scene

Hey this is Morteza from art studio. You might be one of those who are searching for a course that includes most of the blender important topics. That is why we have created complete beginners to advanced guide to blender.

We will take you through the Modeling. UV unwrapping, texturing, PBR texture painting, lighting, real smooth camera movement and much more.

This course is divided to 15 chapters. And in each chapter, you will learn blender step by step.

in the first, we start very basic, taking you through the fundamentals of blender and we prepare you for the next chapter which is Modeling. At the end of this part, you learn how to model an interesting 3d stylized hobbit cog and trees. during this section you will learn all the tools and techniques that is necessary for creating easy and complex models.

After that we jump into the UV Unwrapping. Here we talk about different way of UV Unwrapping & we try solve the problems and difficulties that happens during this process.

After that We create HDRI. Later we use free easy-HDRI add-on and we use blender lights for adding more interest at the end. special when we create sky texture.

Next section is the Texturing. here we texture the entire scene by using some free textures that is included in project file.

After that we jump to the texture painting. In this section you learn how to mix 2 or more texture or PBR texture and paint them on a surface. Later you will learn more about that when we paint on the water surface and we erase some of its parts.

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