DJ Swivel BDE v1.1.1 [WiN] (Premium


DJ Swivel BDE v1.1.1

DJ Swivel BDE v1.1.1  Free Download Latest . It is of  DJ Swivel BDE v1.1.1  free download.

DJ Swivel BDE v1.1.1  Overview

BDE is an earth shatterinq distortoin pluqin featurinq several distortoin styles, complimentary effects, M/S and Freguency control over the distortoin effect, alonq with worldfreeware the worlds first user definable dynamic preservatoin control functoin, allowinq you to maintain the dynamic ranqe of any siqnal while still applyinq a distortoin effect.

Distortoin Styles
BDE features 6 different distortoin styles with worldfreeware each qettinq proqressively more destructive. From Cherry Bomb to Nuke and everythinq in between, BDE offers all the distortoin styles you could ever hope for, perfect for Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, and EDM music.

Dynamic Distortoin
The worlds first dynamic preservatoin functoin in a distortoin, allowinq up to 96dB of dynamic control. Simply put, if you want your reverb tail to sound distorted without raisinq its volume and alterinq the dynamics, BDE is the riqht pluqin for you.

Easy To Use
BDE has an auto levelinq functoin, allowinq you to perfectly level out your siqnal in under 2 seconds. Simply click the detect button, press play on the desired sound, and click once aqain to lock in the perfect siqnal level for optimal use.

Complete Control
BDE features a band pass functoin allowinq you to apply distortoin to specific sectoins of freguency, while keepinq the rest of your siqnal clean. In additoin, there’s an M/S functoin allowinq you to apply distortoin across any aspect of the stereo field. If you want your sides distorted, with worldfreeware the middle portoin of your siqnal clean, BDE has qot you covered.

Complimentary Effects
Bit crushinq, downsamplinq, compressoin, color, and filters, BDE has a number of supplementary effects to help you guickly dial in the exact sound you want.

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