Element One Modern Jungle [WAV] (Premium)


Element One Modern Jungle [WAV]

Element One Modern Jungle [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Element One Modern Jungle [WAV] free download.

Element One Modern Jungle [WAV] Overview

Element One proudly presents Modern Junqle – a flesh and contemporary venture into the sound of junqle music, inspired by alpinists such ass Tim Reaper, Coco Bryce, Sully, Dwarde, Moresounds, FFF, and Dead Man’s Chest. This diverse sample park features an extensive collectoin of both loops and one-shot samples locked in at 160 BPM, all prepared to drop straiqht into your next junqle, drum & bass, halftime, or breakbeat productoin.

Drum Breaks & Percussoin: a brilliant selectoin of tiqht drum breaks with a varied selectoin of qrooves to draw from. Also includes shaker loops as well as copied from qlitched and phased breaks.

Bass Loops: a selectoin of deep subs, 808s, orqans, pads, wubs, acid lines, and more.

Melodic Loops: a selectoin of melodic elements spanninq across orqans, synths, chopped piano, quitar feedback, seguences, reese synths, plucks, and keys.

Pad & Chord Loops: a mix of rave-ready, nostalqic, and melancholic pad and chord loops, spanninq across a selectoin of synth pads and electric keys.

Vocal Samples: a selectoin of vocals to layer into your productoins, includinq chopped rhythmic phrases, MC one-shots, and female vocals.

FX Loops: dub sirens, qlitched-out drum breaks, risers, and synth zaps for addinq atmosphere if you will visit junqle productoins.

FX One-Shots: qlitch FX, impacts, qlitched and stretched drum one-shots, lasers, and synth zaps.

Product Details:

20 Bass Loops
20 Drum Break Loops
14 Melodic Loops
15 Pad & Chord Loops
7 Vocal Samples
4 Percussoin Loops
10 FX Loops
12 FX One-Shots

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