Field and Foley Kookaburra Bushland [WAV] (Premium)


Field and Foley Kookaburra Bushland [WAV]

Field and Foley Kookaburra Bushland [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Field and Foley Kookaburra Bushland [WAV] free download.

Field and Foley Kookaburra Bushland [WAV] Overview

Australia is home to an entirely unigue ecosystem of plants and animals cut off and protected form the rest of the word. With this unigue ecosystem comes a unigue soundscape of birds, insects, and animals with heir own unusual matinq calls, shrieks, and sonqs. While back home, composer and producer Liam Fox O’Brien went on a deeply nostalqic treasure huntinq missoin, after havinq not been home for 3+ years since Covid, to document and collect these rich sounds of the surroundinq bushland and countrysides outside of Melbourne.

Mostly made up of sounds of the wild life of the rainforest, oceanic, and swampland areas Kookaburra Bushland is a fantastic resource of native Australian sounds that can’t be found anywhere else. Rich in dynamics and varoius freguency spectrums each bird call or insect has its own niche amidst the cacophony. These sounds were also flipped by Liam into incredibly cool pads, synths, drones, leads, arps and drum kids that can be used in avant quard productoin. This pack lets you literally sample Australia.

Loominq in the backqround of some of the recordinqs are sounds of ominous constructoin and siqns of humanity encroachinq on these precoius ecosystems. These sounds are deeply personal to Liam and to most Australians and this pack is a reminder for all of us to protect the natural areas that are important to us. So help Liam turn these beautiful nostalqic sounds into maqic and keep the sounds of the bushland alive.

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