Geeks For Geeks Courses : Data Structures and Algorithms (Self-Paced Course) (premium)


Geeks For Geeks Courses : Data Structures and Algorithms (Self-Paced Course)

Geeks For Geeks Courses : Data Structures and Algorithms (Self-Paced Course) Free Download Latest . It is of Geeks For Geeks Courses : Data Structures and Algorithms (Self-Paced Course) free download.

Geeks For Geeks Courses Overview

A self-paced course that has been divided into 8 weeks where you will learn the basics of DSA and can practice questions & attempt the assessment tests from anywhere in the world. This will further help you to prepare for interviews with top-notch companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe etc. You will also learn algorithmic techniques for solving various problems with full flexibility of time. This course does not require any prior knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms, but a basic knowledge of any programming language ( C++ / Java) will be helpful.

What you will learn

Mastering DSA from basic to advanced level

Solving problems which are asked in product-based companies

Solve problems in contests similar to coding round for SDE role

How to become a strong and efficient developer

01 Introduction
Learn from the basics, such as Analysis of Algorithms, Order of Growth and much more

02 Mathematics
Learn Finding the number of digits in a number, Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions, Quadratic Equations, Mean and Median and much more

03 Bit Magic
Bitwise Operators in C++ and Java and many practice problems

04 Recursion
Introduction to Recursion, Applications of Recursion, Writing base cases in Recursion and much more

05 Arrays
Introduction and Advantages, Types of Arrays, Operations on Arrays and much more

06 Searching
Binary Search Iterative and Recursive, Binary Search and various associated problems(With Video Solutions) and much more

07 Sorting
Implementation of C++ STL sort() function in Arrays and Vectors, Sorting in Java, Arrays.sort() in Java, Collection.sort() in Java and much more

08 Matrix
Introduction to Matrix in C++ and Java, Multidimensional Matrix, Pass Matrix as Argument, Printing matrix in a snake pattern and much more

09 Hashing
Introduction and Time complexity analysis, Application of Hashing, Discussion on Direct Address Table and much more

10 Strings
Discussion of String DS, Strings in CPP, Strings in Java, Problems(With Video Solutions) and much more

11 Linked List
Introduction, Doubly Linked List, Circular Linked List, Loop Problems and much more

12 Stack
Understanding the Stack data structure, Applications of Stack, Implementation of Stack in Array and Linked List and much more

13 Queue
Introduction and Application, Implementation of the queue using array and LinkedList and much more

14 Deque
Introduction and Application, Implementation in C++ STL and Java and Problems(With Video Solutions) and much more

15 Tree
Introduction, Implementation in various Transversals and much more

16 Binary Search Tree
Background, Introduction and Application, Implementation of Search in BST, Insertion in BST and much more

17 Heap
Introduction & Implementation, Binary Heap, Heap Sort and much more

18 Graph
Introduction to Graph, Graph Representation, Breadth-First Search and much more

19 Greedy
Introduction, Activity Selection Problem, Fractional Knapsack and much more

20 Backtracking
Concepts of Backtracking, Rat In a Maze, N Queen Problem, Sudoku Problem and much more

21 Dynamic Programming
Introduction, Dynamic Programming, Problems(With Video Solutions) and much more

22 Trie
Introduction, Count Distinct Rows in a Binary Matrix and much more

23 Segment Tree
Introduction, Construction, Range Query, Update Query and much more

24 Disjoint Set
Introduction, Find and Union Operations, Union by Rank, Path Compression and much more

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