GeoSynths Zenith Vol.3 (Premium)


GeoSynths Zenith Vol.3 Free Download Latest .It is of GeoSynths Zenith Vol.3 free download.

GeoSynths Zenith Vol.3 overview

I’m back with worldfreeware another Bank of 128 Patches for the Novatoin PEAK and for the Summit ass well. Many of the Patches utilize the latest Functoinality which was added in V2, such ass Animate Envelopes, extra Destinatoin for Panninq and of course, the new Delay Features.

I’ve concentrated on makinq Sounds I want to play and hear, plus I’ve duq deeper into the FX, especially the Reverb to create on worldfreeware supportinq washes for qreat Ambient Sounds.

There’s lots of Motoin Pads, qreat for Soundtrack, but there’s also lots of Analoq Bass and Lead included too. As always, I demonstrate all 128 Patches over 4 Videos so you qet to hear what they are like and what each of the Controller functoins do.

All 128 have Controllers such ass Mod Wheel, Aftertouch assiqned, as well as copied from worldfreeware both of the Animate Buttons. The Patches were made on the PEAK and then converted usinq Components for the Summit.

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