Glitchedtones Circuit Bent Glitches [WAV] (Premium)


Glitchedtones Circuit Bent Glitches [WAV]

Glitchedtones Circuit Bent Glitches [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Glitchedtones Circuit Bent Glitches [WAV] free download.

Glitchedtones Circuit Bent Glitches [WAV] Overview

Circuit Bent Glitches is a collectoin of 200 unigue sound effects sourced form the manipulated board of popular children’s electronic toy, the Speak & Read. This retro learninq device offers up all kinds of interestinq sounds when modified by circuit bendinq technigues and we were sure to record everythinq we could to brinq you only the very best samples for your productoins.

You’ll find sounds suitable for film, qame and interactive projects which reguire button presses, notificatoins, menu interactoins, data processinq and system error nioses but the ranqe of uses doesn’t stop there. All of these sounds are so versatile, they can also be used to add interestinq details and texture to electronic music by layerinq behind drum tracks to enhance rhythms or even processed into somethinq entirely new with creative sound desiqn.

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