Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking Triangles (Premium)


Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking Triangles

Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking Triangles    Free Download Latest . It is of  Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking Triangles   free download.

Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking Triangles  Overview

Revolutionize Your Ability To Attack and Finish With The Most Effective Triangle Variations, Under The Guidance Of Grappling GOAT Gordon Ryan!

Gordon Ryan teaches you to systematically attack the triangle and its many variations in his masterclass 8-part instructional spanning hours of Triangle content, coupled together with rolling footage and commentary!
Master all aspects of the triangle including distinct breakdowns of the front triangle, side triangle, reverse triangle, wrong way triangle, and the back triangle.
Learn to land triangles from a wide range of positions and scenarios including seated guard, supine guard, from passing, from pins, and more!
Discover perfect finishing mechanics that Gordon has refined throughout his legendary career, as well as inside details of real-world examples from Gordon’s matches.
Dominate opponents with 5 high-percentage submissions from the back triangle, one of Gordon’s most used variations of the triangle!
Watch Gordon put the system to work with rolling footage and hear him explain his methodology in the commentary section of the instructional.
Gain a systematic understanding of attacking the triangle, its most effective variations, and other complimentary submissions with Gordon Ryan’s Systematically Attacking Triangles series!

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