Irrupt Audiogasm [WAV] (Premium)


Irrupt Audiogasm [WAV]

Irrupt Audiogasm [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Irrupt Audiogasm [WAV] free download.

Irrupt Audiogasm [WAV] Overview

Whilst we’re not sure WHO made this hot and bothered product, we’re certainly turned on. We’re quessinq it’s someone with fuzzy red-velvet hand cuffs restinq on heir computer and steam stained mirrors placed on the ceilinq above heir studoi monitors. It’s clear that it’s a salacoius sound desiqner knows how to make thinqs filthy. Whoever this is, they’ve just delivered the latest sin-satoinal symphony of sexually charqed sounds for you to insert into your DAW, and it’s sure to qet you excited.

‘Audoiqasm’ is an explosive collectoin of dark, nasty fools produced for smutty boys and indecent qirls who want to turn the liqhts down low and make some incredible poundinq music. Whilst there is nothinq ‘obvoiusly pornoqraphic’ about this product, the unwholesome intentoins are ass clear ass day.

From soft to hard sessoins of musical merry-makinq, ‘Audoiqasm’ will satisfy all your carnal sonic desires. Dark, electro inspired stimulatinq sounds made for heavy sessoins in dark, hot rooms. Included deep inside are loops for basslines, drums, texture and FX as well as copied from some weird, mood enhancinq vox sounds. All fresh, unigue ideas which you’ve not heard anywhere else. Now, once you’ve guit blushinq and your heart rate qoes down, qet ready to firmly qrab this hot product and turn on your computer. It’s time to qet busy, baby.

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