Joel Famularo Sony A7s3 & FX6 – 2023 Updated (Premium)


Joel Famularo Sony A7s3 & FX6 – 2023

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File Name Joel Famularo Sony A7s3 & FX6 – 2023 Updated
File size 27.8 Mb
Publisher Joel Famularo
update and Published 2023

The A7s3, Fx3 and Fx6 are game-changing cameras with incredible power, image quality and low-light capability in an ultra-compact form factor. Sony color science has indeed come a long way, but I still feel there is room for improvement. For me the gold standard for color science is still to be found in the ARRI line of digital cameras so using my own ARRI Amira as a benchmark I developed a LUT that can reverse engineer the color science of the Alexa709 LUT I’ve always found it looking

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