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Keshart Drawing Camp Learn to Draw in 100 days

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File Name Keshart Drawing Camp Learn to Draw in 100 days
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update and Published 2023

A Drawing Gym for People who Like to Draw Characters and Tell Stories.

What is Drawing Camp?

Drawing Camp is a Structured 100 Day program to learn and practice drawing
Aimed specifically at learning ‘Stylised Character Design’ for telling stories and making comics.
It does that through 100+ Structured lessons, step-by-step exercises, and Draw-along drawing assignments
Just Show up, press play, and draw long for 20-30 mins per day.
Start Small, WIN BIG

No more complicated courses that are beyond your skill level.
Drawing Camp Starts off Easy and Slowly adds more for you to learn over 100 Days.
FOCUSED Chapters on the camp ensure you focus on ONE Subject at a time.
The Camp Follows the 80/20 Principle – that is, focusing on the 20% of practices that give you 80% of the RESULTS. No Fluff.
Meet your Instructor

Kesh is an Artist, Illustrator, and YouTuber who has been helping people Learn How to Draw through his videos on YouTube and through his flagship Online Art Program ‘Drawing Camp’.

He has taught more than 50,000+ Students worldwide and has been constantly improving his repertoire of skills to share with his audience. He is the creator of the popular Online Art Challenge ‘100 Days of Sketching’ which has been widely participated by more than 200k+ people around the world.

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