Lindsay Adler Photography – The Magic of Gels (Premium)


Lindsay Adler Photography – The Magic of Gels

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File Name Lindsay Adler Photography – The Magic of Gels
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Publisher  Lindsay Adler Photography
update and Published 2023

In this brand new training series you will learn to infuse vibrant colors into your work through the use of gels. As a photographer, color is one of the most powerful visual tools available to create scroll-stoping imagery and communicate emotion to your viewer. Through a combination of 3 hours of video training and a lighting recipe guide you will be able to create a wide range of creative setups from dramatic, saturated looks to more subtle pastel effects. Furthermore, many of the looks are achieved with 2 or 3 strobes and common modifiers so you can use the gear you already have to create eye-catching results in the studio or on location!

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