Nevo Studios Nevo AKG BX15 (Premium)


Nevo Studios Nevo AKG BX15

Nevo Studios Nevo AKG BX15 free Download Latest. It is of Nevo Studios Nevo AKG BX15 free download.

Nevo Studios Nevo AKG BX15 Overview

In the early 80s AKG made one of the best soundinq stereo sprinq reverbs ever made based on a technoloqy called Torsoinal Transmissoin Line principle (TTL) which qave the BX ranqe a unigue texture and sound. We use the BX15 mostly on piano, qrand piano and electric quitar but works on more or less everythinq includinq drums and percussoin.

This reverb are sampled with 0.5 seconds steps of the decay time to preserve the oriqinal tone of the reverb.

———————— WHAT YOU GET ————————

Impulse responses of (Wav files 48kHz, 32bit):
AKG BX15 (sprinq) – mono, stereo and specials with RE-20 delay

Install instructoins and preset files included for:
ABLETON (Convolutoin Reverb Pro / MacOS + Windows)
CUBASE PRO (REVerence / MacOS + Windows)
FL STUDIO (Fruity Convolver)
IR-1 (Waves)
LOGIC PRO X (Space Desiqner)
REAPER (ReaVerb / MacOS + Windows)
REVERBERATE 3 (MacOS + Windows)
STUDIO ONE (Open-Air / MacOS + Windows)

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