Ran Segall – Flux Academy – Standout Portfolio in 7 Days Download 2023 (Premium)


Ran Segall – Flux Academy – Standout Portfolio in 7 Days

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File Name Ran Segall – Flux Academy – Standout Portfolio in 7 Days
Source https://www.flux-academy.com/courses/standout-portfolio-in-7-days
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Publisher  Ran Segall
update and Published 2023

is this you?
You find it challenging to design for yourself. Although you enjoy designing for clients, you feel stuck when it comes to your personal brand.
Your existing work doesn’t reflect your design skills. Your previous work was limited by your previous clients’ demands and (lack of) design taste.
You’re not sure what to include in your portfolio. Should you talk about yourself and your experiences, or what you can offer potential clients?
You don’t have time to build a portfolio site. You can’t bring yourself to launch your portfolio site even though you know it will land you more clients.
You hate talking about yourself. You love the work, but when it comes to promoting your services, you don’t know what to say (or how to say it).
You don’t have a professional photo of yourself. You don’t like having your photo taken, or you don’t want to put a face to your name or work.
You don’t know where to start. Starting from scratch, making mockups of your work, and writing an “about me” section seems daunting.

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