Realistic Live-Action VFX Compositing Using Blender by Wakui Rey [ ENGLISH SUB ] (Premium)


Realistic Live-Action VFX Compositing Using Blender by Wakui Rey

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File Name Realistic Live-Action VFX Compositing Using Blender by Wakui Rey
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Do you really need expensive tools to create realistic VFX compositions of 3D characters and backgrounds?

In this course, Wakui Ray will share various tips and tricks on how to create high-quality VFX using Blender. This software is ideal for 3D beginners as it is free and easy to use.

Through a practical 3D CG work process, you’ll learn the skills you need to create VFX and master key techniques through Coloso’s curriculum.

Who Should Take This Class?

Are you tired of attending classes where you only get to practice one exercise that is different from the actual lesson? Say hello to Coloso’s VFX curriculum, where you will learn the 3D tool basics through high-quality exercises and projects.

The curriculum comprises of three projects that cover material techniques, modeling buildings with background photos, natural lighting, and compositing green-screen videos with 3D-generated backgrounds.

By completing these projects, you will acquire all the necessary skills for VFX production.

You’ll Learn

The Basics of VFX and 3D CG

Learn the basics of VFX and 3D CG step-by-step. Wakui Ray will guide you through related terminology, techniques for realistic expression, the entire production workflow, and working methods.

Learning the Blender

Features Required for VFX
Blender has numerous features. Wakui Ray will teach you all the skills necessary for VFX production, making it easy to understand each feature’s role and application.

Techniques to Match Live-Action

Footage with 3D CG Camera Work
Learn the knowledge and techniques you need to make composites of live-action footage and 3D CG virtual spaces look natural.

Techniques for Achieving Natural

Textures and Lighting in VFX
Even with the same 3D CG model, there can be significant differences depending on the texture and lighting techniques used. Wakui Ray will show you how various elements can be used to create a sense of realism through the process of 3D model creation.

Creating a Seamless Composite with

Both Live-Action and 3D CG
Wakui Ray will teach you how to create high-quality video that looks like it was shot on location, even when using green-screen footage. This is not done by simply combining live-action and CG, but rather through compositing techniques that take into account factors such as shadow and color to match live-action footage.

Tips for Compelling

Screen Composition
Wakui Ray will provide you with tips and techniques that you can use to take your skills to the next level. Learn the philosophy of creating realistic and captivating videos and screen compositing techniques that can only be achieved through VFX.

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