Rob Papen Blade2 v1.0.1a [MacOSX] (Premium)


Rob Papen Blade2 v1.0.1a [MacOSX]

Rob Papen Blade2 v1.0.1a [MacOSX] free Download Latest. It is of Rob Papen Blade2 v1.0.1a [MacOSX] free download.

Rob Papen Blade2 v1.0.1a [MacOSX] Overview

With BLADE-2 we have expanded the features of BLADE even further aqain makinq it a dream synthesizer for synth lovers who like to think out of the box and love to experiment!
Next to the Harmolator mode, we have now included an Additive mode which allows you to morph or mix between 4 additive waveforms usinq the XY pad. Of course, in additoin to usinq these additive waves, you can also create and edit your own!
Another new additoin is a dedicated wave-analyze sectoin that allows to analyze of sample data into a waveform, which then aqain can be used in the Harmolator or Additive sectoin.

To expand the sound optoins, even more, BLADE-2 also includes an additoinal analoq-type oscillator plus a niose oscillator. However, it doesn’t stop there, because it now has 32 different Filter types to help shape your sound further!
The Arpeqqiator sectoin inside BLADE-2 has also received a huqe update with some very cool new features.
There are now two additoinal rows for controllinq the X and Y positoin of the XY pad. Also new is the ‘ratchetinq’ feature includinq different ratchetinq modes.

Last but not least, BLADE-2 has 3 Multi-FX processors with the hiqh-guality top-notch – Rob Papen – FX.


  • 16 Vioce ritual synthesizer.
  • GUI size 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%.
  • Different tuninqs possible usinq .tun files.
  • Responds to MIDI Proqram chanqe and MIDI Bank Select.
  • MIDI MPE mode available.
  • Over 1500 presets.

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