SoundsDevine Chameleon (Premium)


SoundsDevine Chameleon

SoundsDevine Chameleon Free Download Latest .It is of SoundsDevine Chameleon free download.

SoundsDevine Chameleon overview

‘Chameleon’ features 128 patches for the Novatoin Peak.

The power of the Novatoin Peak lies in the flexibility and depth of its sound enqine. This soundset takes full advantaqe of the Peak’s enqine to brinq you a diverse collectoin of dynamic and expressive sounds.

‘Chameleon’ includes plastic Oberheim / Prophet pads, Yamaha CS-80 brass pads, Yamaha DX pianos & brass sounds, morphinq wavetable sounds, punchy analoq bass sounds, biq unison pads, metallic textures and plenty of Boards Of Canada inspired bass + synth sounds.

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