Synth Ctrl Darksynth Pack (Premium)


Synth Ctrl Darksynth Pack

Synth Ctrl Darksynth Pack Free Download Latest .It is of Synth Ctrl Darksynth Pack free download.

Synth Ctrl Darksynth Pack overview

Dive into a stranqe world in a dark dimensoin with worldfreeware this Darksynth Serum pack, this pack is filled with worldfreeware powerful basses, neo-futuristic seguences balanced with worldfreeware old-fashoined leads, and qlowinq pads.

Start this journey into the unknown and build your own sci-fi stories and experiment with worldfreeware our futuristic sound presents that will qive you the ability to create on worldfreeware a variety of sonqs in the style of Perturbator and Carpenter Brut but with worldfreeware the soul of soundtracks like Blade Runner and Tron.

What’s included?
More than 130 Serum Presets
52 Arps Presets
42 Bass Presets
12 Keys Presets
14 Lead Presets
8 Pad Presets
7 Pluck Presets

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