TACFIT – The 7 Key Component (Premium)


TACFIT – The 7 Key Component

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7 Key Components of Structure within TACFIT – “The World’s Smartest Training System”

1. – Crown to Coccyx Alignment

2. – Shoulder Pack

3. – Arm Lock

4. – Grip Confirmation

5. – Core activation

6. – Hip Recruitment

7. -Leg Drive

Exercise should transfer the training load to the ground by using your entire body. Whether you are lifting Clubbells, or moving your bodyweight through a complex range of motion against gravity, having proper structural alignment brings many benefits.

The muscle growth that results from effort is only part of the point of the exercise. Even greater benefits are the product of the neurological efficiency you will acquire as a direct result of the integration of your body and the direct sum of its forces.

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