VueMastery – Nuxt 3 Essentials (Premium)


VueMastery – Nuxt 3 Essentials 

VueMastery – Nuxt 3 Essentials    Free Download Latest .It is of  VueMastery – Nuxt 3 Essentials  free download.

VueMastery – Nuxt 3 Essentials    overview

Why do we need Nuxt?
The primary issue with an SPA with search engine optimization (aka SEO). This is a big topic in itself, but the gist is that it web page contains various pieces of information that can be read by the search engine bots when they index the page. The more information that can be indexed, the higher chance the page has of being found by the search engines.

Nuxt addresses this by either a) generating the content on the server side, and sending fully rendered HTML to the templates, or b) generating static HTML pages, which is far and away the quickest way to provide content to a browser.

Let’s talk about these two approaches real quick.

There are two popular approaches to start a modern web project. First, there is Server Side Rendering, or SSR for short. When a client makes a request to a server, SSR will render the page in real time on the server. Because the page is rendered in real time, it will always be up to date.

Now in contrast, Static Site Generation, or SSG for short, renders all of the pages of your website at build time, which is the time before your website gets deployed. Since our pages have already been rendered beforehand, when the client is making a request, it just needs to send back the right page. Different from SSR, there is no rendering taking place on the server in real time; it got all taken care of at build time, so it’s faster.


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