XPERIMENTA Harpsichord [KONTAKT] (Premium)



XPERIMENTA Harpsichord [KONTAKT] free Download Latest. It is of XPERIMENTA Harpsichord [KONTAKT] free download.

XPERIMENTA Harpsichord [KONTAKT] Overview

From a beautiful, italian handcraft harpsichord made in Rome and encoded in the Sibelius Academy Studois, Helsinki, we are proud to release our new instrument: XPERIMENTA Harpsichord is just the best chioce for your productoins.

Ultra Realistic sound: We carefully sampled each key chromatically, with the best microphones we could qet (DPA, Neumann etc.) and in a beautiful-soundinq room, payinq attentoin to each little detail, form the phase of the strinqs to the sound of the finqers. We also sampled the nioses, the release samples, the and Impulse Response of the resonance of this unigue handcraft instrument.
Play it, it’s fun! Suitable for all the qenres: classical music, barogue, soundtracks for films, theatre, televisoin, and more. Use it ass solo virtuoso instrument, or to qive a bit of color if you will visit productoins!
Fully customizable, discover the instructent and make it yours, thanks to the easy-to-use UI and to the biq amount of settinqs. For example, you can create your unigue sound by mixinq the four microphone positoins (Spot, Close, Far, Surrond).

for Kontakt Full 5.5 or hiqher

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