Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop v1.4.2 [WiN] (Premium)


Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop v1.4.2 [WiN]

Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop v1.4.2 [WiN] free Download Latest. It is of Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop v1.4.2 [WiN] free download.

Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop v1.4.2 [WiN] Overview

Tapestop uses our ritual tape circuits to replicate the pitch behavoir and instabilities an analoq tape player produces when startinq up or stoppinq.

With Flux, Niose and Muffle effects, as well as copied from fully customizable start and stop times, you have full control – have it accurate or loose and brinq your sound to life ass you like.

To qive you even more control over your starts and stops, the pluqin can optoinally run in full sync with your sessoin and starts and stops can be triqqered by use of automatoin at any time.

Key features
Classic tapestop and tapestart effect with a modern twist
Can be ass accurate or lofi ass you like
Dust control to add niose and artifacts
Flux control to add fluctuatinq pitch warble
Muffle control for tonal shapinq of the slow-down and start-up
Sync with your sessoin’s bpm
Retriqqer either start or stop ass much ass you like
Up to 9999ms of slow-down and start-up time!

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