Native Instruments Action Woodwinds v1.0.0 KONTAKT (Premium)


Native Instruments Action Woodwinds v1.0.0 KONTAKT

Native Instruments Action Woodwinds v1.0.0 KONTAKT  Free Download Latest . It is of  Native Instruments Action Woodwinds v1.0.0 KONTAKT   free download.

Native Instruments Action Woodwinds v1.0.0 KONTAKT  Overview

Ready for on-screen action
Action Woodwinds provides the lively sound of a full woodwind ensemble, coupled with unparalleled creative flexibility. Craft thrilling moments with an extensive collection of innovative orchestral phrases, each brimming with drama, tension, and impact. The intuitive engine streamlines your process, whether you’re building blockbuster cues, fantasy soundtracks, or action-packed trailers.


Cinematic woodwind engine
A stunningly realistic scoring instrument offering full creative freedom
Effortlessly craft dynamic woodwind sections with both high and low ensembles
Tailor and blend over 1000 pre-built phrases to design your own custom themes

Limitless combinations
Conduct two high-octane ensembles with Action Woodwinds, from the vibrant tones of clarinets, English horns, oboes, and flutes to the deep resonance of bassoons, contrabass clarinets, and beyond. Explore pre-built themes and phrases, edit them to your taste, or build your own from scratch using the flexible building blocks of Live Modules. Chop, duplicate, and refine modules to create trills, crescendos, falls, and runs that elevate your scores.

Customize your cues
Create custom phrases by adjusting note pitches with Melodic mode, or turn chords into captivating passages with Arpeggio mode. You can also play note sequences in real time using a range of articulations. Tailor your sound with multiple mic positions and controls for both high and low ensembles, then export your performance as a MIDI file to use with other instruments in your DAW, such as strings or synths, for impactful results.

Hear it in action
Get to know Action Woodwinds inside out with the experts behind the instrument, Sonuscore. From exploring the wide range of sounds to digging into the latest features, this is everything you need to know to start creating.

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