Zero-G Shadow Strings KONTAKT (Premium)


Zero-G Shadow Strings KONTAKT

Zero-G Shadow Strings KONTAKT    Free Download Latest . It is of  Zero-G Shadow Strings KONTAKT   free download.

Zero-G Shadow Strings KONTAKT  Overview

Welcome to Shadow Strings, a darker side of the cello that can add suspense, mystery, and a sense of uniqueness to any of your compositions. Created by cello player and professional virtual instrument maker Ben Osterhouse (Osterhouse Sounds), this ground-breaking Kontakt sample library pushes the boundaries of traditional cello sounds to offer a rich tapestry of unconventional textures and effects.



When recording sample libraries, you want to capture the best sounds from an instrument. You try to have clean starts and stops, an expressive tone, and balanced dynamics across every sample. With all this in mind, it can be difficult to keep a spontaneous, fresh feel to the samples. It can turn into a chore. The goal during planning and development this library was to avoid as much chore-like recording. Everything is played with abandon, then heavily curated and edited later to highlight the best moments.

Shadow Strings is not so much about recreating the sound of the instruments realistically and accurately –it’s about finding sounds that work well when time-stretched, layered with synths, and fed through effects. Limitations breed creativity, and the cellos and piano used to make this library were the limitations.

At the heart of “Shadow Strings” lies a diverse array of unusual sounds and effects extracted from the depths of the cello’s timbral palette. From haunting drones to gritty pulses, ethereal harmonics to distorted screeches, each sound is imbued with a sense of intrigue and mystery, ready to add depth and character to your compositions.

Designed to inspire creativity, “Shadow Strings” is equally at home in cinematic soundscapes, ambient electronica, experimental music, and beyond. Whether you’re scoring a tense thriller, crafting atmospheric underscores, or exploring avant-garde sonic landscapes, these sounds will elevate your productions to new heights.


– Over 2000 individual samples – 2.29GB, 24bit, 44.1kHz samples (.ncw format)
– 58 Articulations
– 65 basic nki presets
– 50 designed nki presets
Expanded Size: 2.5GB


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